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Royal Armouries, Leeds

'The Street', the large entrance hall into the Royal Armouries at Leeds, was empty and intimidating with very little welcome or direction.

The new scheme encourages visitors towards carefully placed orientation and signage, interpretive displays and kiosk based information points. An illustrated 'timeline' display links with the museum's signage system and to the thematic galleries spread around the building.

Dramatic hanging banners and projected imagery fill the atrium space and focus on a centrally-placed information desk.

Bridgewater Canal


The 5-mile route of the Bridgewater Canal in Salford from leafy Boothstown to post-industrial Barton winds its way through some of the most affluent areas in the UK, and also some of the most deprived: the world’s first commercial canal is home to impressive heritage features of international significance.


‘Hubs’ were created at key locations with interpretive and wayfinding graphics, and bench seating (based on the distinctive ‘starvationer’ boat shape). Sculptural elements were placed at intermediate places and included Cor-ten steel and cast bronze features.

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