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Torre Abbey


The brief was to transform Torre Abbey, the most complete medieval monastery to survive in Devon, into a high-quality heritage attraction. The site has an unbroken 800-year history and the abbey is nowadays home to one of the finest art collections in the region. Major elements of the project included the installation of meaningful interpretation and wayfinding throughout the site, a major new exhibition, 800 Years, the effective display of the art collections in furnished rooms and flexible gallery spaces.


Challenges were to interpret the rich history of Torre Abbey by replacing sub-standard displays with engaging new exhibitions and experiences; to guide visitors around a ‘rabbit warren’ of a building containing many floors, sub-floors and cul-de-sacs by integrating effective new signage; to create a new graphic identity; to enliven the existing gardens with a medieval Hortus Conclusus children’s sensory garden; to create an environment where revenue-generating events could be held in functional and stylish surroundings.

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