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Lion Salt Works

Marston, Cheshire


Lion Salt Works, the last vestige of the salt-making industry in the Northwich area, was first featured on the BBC’s Restoration programme and subsequently awarded Heritage Lottery funding to restore the site and provide visitor facilities.


The displays include a ‘wow’ audio-visual show, the Boiling Pan Experience, which authentically recreates the production of salt in a Pan House using projected imagery, foggers, mannequins, setworks and a salt-maker’s poem set to music. Interactive displays include a working model of the salt-making process from pumping brine out of the ground through to cutting and wrapping blocks of salt using articulated figures. The return of a post-industrial landscape to a haven for wildlife is featured using video, audio, computer games, models and dramatic graphics.


_ Voted Heritage Lottery Fund’s Best UK heritage project (2016)

_ Winner of the AABC Civic Trust Award for Conservation, 2016

_ Winner of the Museums & Heritage Award for Excellence 2016 (Restoration/ Conservation).

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